Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Latitudes...and attitudes

Postcards from the Pacific

A Dunedin postcard in spring , or the corner of the postcard that has you walking through the University campus, feels like walking through a Harry Potter movie. But ah, spring is in the air -- a change in environmental mood that has definitely lifted my own. All through winter rain, fog, closed down airports and cancelled flights waiting to leave the winter rain and fog, rewashed laundry and soggy not quite dry clothes, coughing kids and midnight shivers, snowy mountains and close to zero days, my mantra has been: winter is a blessing cos it makes you appreciate the sun when it does come! SO hem nao, bring on the sun I say, bring it on! I don't give a toss about the kilos I piled on when it comes to losing all the layers of clothing and wondering where the extra tires came from. I have watched enough Oprah and Dr Phil to give me enough self-realisation that I am more than the sum on the scales.
Well...maybe when I am having a fit over all the clothes I can NO LONGER fit at the Warehouse summer sales -- but hey, thats a few months away; and by the time I rev up into a state that gets my arse out the door...well, it will be winter again, won't it?!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pacific musings...

RIP: Note for Bob (Robert Worthington)

Your leaving
rippling on ocean surfaces
my sadness
cresting each tiny wave
dreaming its way to distant shores

Your leaving
revives my story
and this memory links us:
I anchored my inexperienced vaka
to your ocean voyaging Hokule'a

aimed for stars, dared to vision
rode through storms, this time
of my own choosing.
you gifted me
these things

Your leaving
reminding me
of other voyagers
yet to find their way
Your wave
of aroa still finding shore after shore after shore.