Sunday, June 10, 2007

Media notes

2007: the year of the blog

I jumped at the chance to take up an Online course on ICTs Journalism with PenPlusBytes, and join an international classroom of mainly African journalists, earlier this year. I haven't stopped jumping since. The content has been great, there's never been a dull moment and the research is all at your fingertips. Google has definitely moved from a noun to a verb in my lifetime....and Im convinced more Pacific Islanders need to get into online publishing and voices via the WWW.

Of course, what I've learnt so far is just chicken scratching the surface of this global information world.
Media convergence, blogging and podcasting, spaces such as wiki's and wikipedia, ICts assisted journalism and the growth of that fuzzy area between citizen-journalists vs newsroom hacks like me, added to the new knowledge management and Web 2.0 debates....eeks. The possibilities are endless. And I even found out how to clean up my email inbox more efficiently!

A friend of mine helped me set up this blog more than a year ago. Thanks to the ICT Journalism class of 2007 that Im now a part of, it's up to me to bring it to life. Thanks PenPlusBytes...and onwards.